1. Iterate

    For the third time, I’ve updated the design of Logic52. Yep, this is the third version of Logic52. I’ve been running this blog since about 2011. More often than not I’ve just neglected it. The last time I wrote a blog post was back in December (more than half a year ago). The last time I redesigned this blog was back in January 2012 (more than two years ago).

  2. Web Design Reading List for Sunday, 1st of December 2013

    Where I work, we spend a good bit of time mulling over CSS architecture and the best approach we should apply to the CSS that we write. This is always evolving, always getting better and of course we are making some mistakes along the way. I thought about doing a post detailing the different approaches to CSS architecture but I’ll have to do more research to get my facts straight. For now, you can be content with some articles that shed some light on the topic:

  3. Web Design Reading List for Saturday, 30th of November 2013

    I’m starting a new habit where I’m documenting everything I’m reading via Evernote. I recently did an audit on all the material I intend (or intended) to read. Here’s some statistics — 370 Favorited Tweets, 23 saved articles on Feedly, 21 books on iBooks, 20 saved articles on OneTab and 31 books (both physical books and books on my Kindle).

  4. A Growing List of Sketch Tutorials and Resources

    Sketch is an app that I really really want to learn how to use. It’s cheap, but it’s also a fantastic alternative to Photoshop and Illustrator (for a Web Designer). So this is the post. This is where I gather my list of resources for Sketch app. I hope more and more designers start using this app. It really is something special.