December 10, 2013

Web Design Reading List for Monday, 9th of December 2013

When you check out the reading list below you can easily follow my train of thought. First up an inspirational article on learning new things. Then, improving your JS by ditching the libraries, and finally, things you should keep in mind when building a single page web app.

Levelling Up

Screenshot of Lodger app

The first article is one taken from the brilliant 24 Ways (advent calendar for web geeks) and it’s called Levelling Up. Here Ashley Baxter shares her experience of creating an app called Lodger. The cool thing is that she’s not actually a programmer — she sells property insurance. Nevertheless she took on the task of building the Brokers Direct (her company) app herself. Morale of the story — when you want to build something, don’t be afraid to learn new things.

JavaScript: Taking Off the Training Wheels

Tom Ashworth’s article on 24 Ways

Something I really don’t use or practice enough of is JavaScript. Tom Ashworth suggests that we should try to learn pure JavaScript rather than depending on libraries like jQuery to assist us all the time. He gives various examples of you can increase your JS knowledge by aiming to reproduce a jQuery plugin in pure JS, going to workshops, etc.

Important Considerations When Building Single Page Web Apps

Single page web application feature overview

I read this one cause I want to build my own web app using one of the popular JS frameworks (Backbone, Angular, Ember, etc.) but I’m not very well informed on the topic. This article doesn’t really drill-down into the frameworks but rather takes a look at all of the things that you may need (or forget) when you need to build a web app. Truthfully, the article was a bit of a turn-off as the list is fairly comprehensive and also overwhelming because of the amount of technologies it introduces.